It Begins


Greetings everybody. So this is the blog about the book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning. I’m not entirely sure how this thing will turn out. I’m hoping to make it a central hub for links to upcoming media and speaking appearances, reader feedback, reviews of reviews and all around discussion. Obviously, some of that depends on the response the book gets.

But more on all that later. The first thing I want to do is offer my thanks. This page is primarily for readers of the book and other interested parties. But its core audience undoubtedly remains the readers of NRO. My book is dedicated to my late father. But it’s also something of a tribute to you guys. Here’s how I put it in the acknowledgments:

And as unorthodox as this may be, I need to thank the readers of National Review Online. For years an army of unseen friends and critics have helped me track down and understand everything from facts and figures to ephemera. They’ve pointed me in interesting directions, corrected my ignorance, and served as my muse on countless occasions. They are the smartest and best readers a writer could ask for.
I don’t want to get all choked up like Hillary Clinton talking about how much America needs her to be president. But I’m quite serious when I say I consider you guys friends –  friends I’m grateful and lucky to have.


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