Thanks For Turning Out


Well, I just gave my first official talk on the book at the Heritage Foundation. We had a nice turn out from book-buying NRO readers. I think it generally went very well, though I got some very useful advice from several folks, starting with Kate O’Beirne who was kind enough to attend (as did Ramesh). Basically I should have given the speech backwards, putting many of the points I made in the Q&A at the front of the speech. Why does this matter today? How were Italian Fascism and German National Socialism different (answer: Very). Etc. The good news is I did cover all of those points. The bad news is that for those of you watching on C-SPAN — no word when they’ll broadcast it — you’ll need to watch through to the end. It was great practice with an intellectually engaged audience. Special thanks to Heritage for hosting both it, and the lunch afterwards, where I fear I just nervously prattled-on endlessly (a real danger having written this book in a cave for four years). Anyway, Heritage is going to post the video on their site as well. I’ll be linking they do. Oh, and this will be cross posted over at the LF blog.

Update: Here’s the schedule at C-SPAN. Remember stick around for the Q&A.


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