Amazon Wars


From a frontline Amazon warrior:

I know this is terrible, and I feel kind of like a kid separating flies from wings, but believe it or not, there’s a sort of conservative underground that’s banging on the Amazon 1-star ratings of your book to the point where Amazon is taking them down. And I love it! I mean, they’re just disapppearing them. Amazon. Deleting. Liberal comments. About a Conservative (transcends Conservative, I got that) book. Un. F***ing. Believeable. And I speak as someone who’s been commenting on Amazon, lo these many years.

In the last day, enough people have rated uninformed 1-star reviews badly enough that Amazon is taking them down. Simply disappearing them. Again, I have to say it, I can’t believe it.

I’m not against free speech, or anything like it (truth be told, the stiletto-exchanges in the reviews and fora are a *lot* of fun – for the fly-wing-tearing set, mea culpa), but your book got an initial reception that made it look like it was going to get a Coulteresque-level of 1-star ratings. What’s happening is that enough angry people are protesting the uninformed obliquy that you may well become a conservative author with a best selling book that isn’t slammed 3-to-1 by negative reviews.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the cut and thrust of the fora and the remarks, Oh, I said that already. Well, Derb and I share the ame tastes in C2H5OH.

Jeez. I’m feeling, I don’t know, *young* again.

I look forward to seeing you at Oglethorpe. BTW, there’s a pub, Pub 71 – a complete rebel Irish pub – about a mile up the road from Oglethorpe. Not that I’m suggesting anything, or anything.

Me: Delighted for the support. Personally, I wish reviewers at Amazon would just treat this like, you know, a book. Read it, write something about it. But that ship has sailed. I think the fact that I’ve been the #1 new political book in the country (#2 political book overall) for the last few days has made the mouth breathers crazy. In fact they’ve hacked the page, again. See the “See larger image” line under the book cover. The pictures have been changing all night. Anyway and again, I’d just prefer they could have the dignity to not make asses out of themselves. But if they want to advertise how deeply I’ve struck a nerve, so be it. It’s sort of a compliment.

Update: This came in earlier:

Hey Jonah. I just visited the page for your book, not really believing what could be written there. Well, I was so disgusted that I bought the book. That’ll show ‘em!

Seriously, though, I’m sorry you have to put up with this kind of stuff. But thanks for doing; there are definitely people out here in the internets that appreciate what you do!

Update: And this came even earlier (I’m working through my email, if you hadn’t guessed):

Jonah –

Delighted to say I just placed my order for your first epic. What really pushed me over the edge to buy yet another book that will be added to growing stack? Reading some of the reviews/comments on Amazon.

All the best with it. I will be scanning for your presence so I can get an autographed copy.

Thanks for everything you do

Another Update:

Dear Jonah,

I must vigorously protest about your bigoted reference to “the mouth breathers.”  You are clearly stereotyping all mouthbreathers as unhinged leftists.  I am a proud mouth breather for the past 48 years, and I have worked hard to overcome all of the negative stereotypes around mouth breathing.  But most importantly for this missive, I am a conservative (socially conservative, economically libertarian–or even better classically liberal–non-Mike Huckabee supporting evangelical).  So give mouth breathers a break!  I’ll leave alone the implication that mouth
breathers are by definition of limited intelligence (I tried that on Dr. Instapundit one time but all I could get was an e-mailed “Heh” to my impressive list of credentials!)

By the way, despite your unwarranted prejudices I plan to buy your book.  I might even review it on Amazon after reading it!

Keep up the good work, but leave us mouth breathers alone,


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