Schedule Update


I was already on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America.” Bill’s a friend and he’s interested in having me on periodically to talk about the book, respond to review, etc. He asked some good questions this morning, one or two of which caught me off guard. Anyway, I want to thank Bill and his producer Seth Leibsohn for being so supportive.

I also did Joe Scarborough’s show this morning. The liberal lady sidekick seemed more than a little gobsmacked by the whole thing.

Anyway, I have three more media appearances today:

11:34am-11:50am EST Dennis Miller Show, Live

1:00pm-2:00pmEST Dennis Prager Show, Live

And then I’ll be on Hugh Hewitt’s show to talk about politics. I think we’re gonna do a book segment down the road. At least I hope we are.

Tomorrow Laura Ingraham!


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