Huck & Me


From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

I just completed your introduction and afterword, and am very 
impressed.  I thought you concisely and eloquently distilled the 
essence of what American conservatism is (or ought to be).  I won’t 
go overboard and call it Reaganesque, but my reaction was “Damn this 
is good!”  If you’re ever asked to contribute to a primer on what 
conservatism is, all you’ll have to do is rewrite your afterword.

If I still have your attention.  I think you should consider, out of 
pure mercenary greed, supporting the Huckabee campaign.  The longer 
he stays in contention, the more material you’ll have to work with 
for a revised afterword to the paperback edition (enticing all of us 
who’ve already purchased a copy to run out and purchase another).  If 
he takes it all the way to the general you may get a whole new 
chapter.  And who knows?  If he were to win, you might even get a 
whole ‘nother book out of it.  I’m not sure what you’d call it (Neo-
Liberal Fascism?  Compassionate Fascism: How the Right succumbed to 
the Dark Side?).  But boy, would the old Mr. Yuck sticker sporting 
the Hitler ‘stache look great on the cover.  Since you’d be 
expounding on your cautionary note about compassionate conservatism, 
you’d keep most of your existing audience.  And because you’d be 
criticizing a Republican, you’d pick up a whole new one.  You might 
even get to experience Strange New Respect!

Obviously I’m guessing that you’re watching what’s happening on our 
side going “this would have been great for my book!”  On the other 
hand, after four years in your own private spice-mine, maybe you feel 
like you dodged a bullet.

Continued success!


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