Re: Reviewing the Reviewers


More readers chime in:

Dear Jonah,

I think if theres ever a case when you have to respond, its your book. You are
turning the lefty conventional wisdom on its head and shattering their
cherished self-righteous mythology. They are going to come after you like the
zombies for Will Smith in “I Am Legend.” Responding to them is going to mean
the difference between a book that goes down in the annals of good books
versus being arrogantly and dishonestly written off as nonsense, filed away in
the same box that liberals put all facts and knowledge that they don’t like.


I would agree with your friend about not reviewing the reviewers if you had written a novel. (I’ve had a couple of children’s novels published.) But you’re arguing about ideas. Keep it up!

An NRO addict since Bush V. Gore,

Update: And then there’s this:

Mr. Goldberg:

I plan on picking your book up today and giving it as a gift to my brother.

As far as Neiwert is concerned , I would have to side with the readers that suggest he doesn’t deserve much of a response.  He attempts to cut your professional legs off in the third paragraph in classless fashion, and follows that up by tarring the entire conservative community with that ludicrous laundry list of assumptions masquerading as accepted fact (the “anti-” list)  If I am sitting across from someone at the debate table, and they are starting off by categorizing my political beliefs in that manner….well, lets just say his review speaks for itself. Poorly.


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