The Cover Controversy


From a reader:

Subject: Thank you – From a left winger 

Hi Jonah,

I just read your interview on I have to say as a left
winger myself I appreciate you writing this book. You have sparked an
intriguing discussion of my favorite topic; political theory. As you
well know, most people have no clue about the history or the
underlying philosophy of the beliefs they hold or the policies they
advocate. So regardless of whether or not I agree with your final
argument I think this kind of discussion is beneficial to our

I will have to say though I think the cover of the book undermines the
seriousness of the discussion. No doubt it has increased sales, but
for those in my camp with weak stomachs it just another excuse to
ignore an argument from worthy opponent. I fear a childish cover has
resulted in a childish reaction.

Thanks again.

 Me: I hear this about the cover a lot from left and right.  As I said in the Glenn & Helen interview, I’ve always been torn about it myself, but I’m increasingly unsympathetic to it.  More later, perhaps. But for now it’s nice to get an email from a lefty not full of bile and personal insults.


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