Liberal Fashion in Cincinnati


From a reader:


Struck by a moment of impulsivity and having some time to kill, I stopped by a Barnes and Noble bookstore on my way to a meeting in downtown Cincinnati to check on your book.  The store is located in an upscale neighborhood called Kenwood.  As others have noted, it was nowhere to be found in the new arrivals out front, not on any of the featured book bins of the main aisle, nor on an end cap of the current affairs section. 

So, I went to the customer service desk and asked where I might find the book Liberal Fascism.  As she begins to type, she says, “Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve heard of that title.”  I said, “Well, it just came out, and I am surprised it’s not out front with the new arrivals, especially, since it is somewhere in the top ten on Amazon.”  She says, “Really? Hmmm,” as she continues her title search.

Then she asked, “You say the title is Liberal Fashion?” (Now, I know I have a southwest Ohio twang seasoned with some Deep South, but give me a break.)  “No, no, no, Liberal FASCism,” at which she pursed her lips ever so slightly  (to not betray her disgust at such an oxymoronic title?) and a few heads turned, she responds again, “Oh, hmmm, no, I’ve not heard of that title,” as she clears her search and starts over.

“Yes, here it is, in the current affairs section.”  She came out from behind the counter and walked me over (or was that a goose step march I noticed?) to the section, where your three books were on the bottom shelf, turned in with the binding showing.  I again offered that it was “surprising that the book is not better displayed” given its Amazon rating.  She simply said, “Hmmm.”

Now there are only two copies, which she should not have to look up again.

Liberal Fashion.  Indeed!


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