Homeward Bound


I’m sitting outside the DFW airport smoking a cigar and going through email as best I can. Speech went well, I think. Signed a bunch of books. The gang at NCPA couldn’t be nicer or more hospitable. Really great bunch. Thanks to all the folks who’ve alerted me to the fact that Glenn Beck spent a half hour talking about my book today. It’s the works for me to come on. Anyway, people keep asking about other speaking events. Well, I’ll be at Borders on 19th street tomorrow night (though I expect to keep my comments shorter than today’s speech for example). And then on Thursday I’ll be in NYC speaking at the Women’s GOP Club (wherever that is) talking to the Young Republicans. That’s open to the public as well. I’ve got some good leads on a Chicago gig. No date set. And I’ll be at Oglethorpe on Feb 6. Thanks again for all the interest. I’ll update the media schedule etc in more detail when I get home. 


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