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Oh and this passage re: Robert Reich may be of interest to some:

Reich was one of the pioneers of the Third Way movement.
Indeed, Mickey Kaus writes that Third Way rhetoric is Reich’s
“most annoying habit” and his “characteristic mode of argument.”
In 1983 Reich wrote The Next American Frontier, in which he championed
“an extreme form of corporatism” (Kaus’s words) where in
exchange for “restructuring assistance” from the government, businesses
would “agree to maintain their old work forces intact.”

Workers would become de facto citizens of their companies, in a relationship
eerily similar to Krupp’s General Regulations. And in an
eerie echo of Italian Fascist corporatist thought, corporations would
“largely replace geographic jurisdictions as conduits of government
support for economic and human development.” Social services—
health care, day care, education, and so forth—would all be provided
via your employer. This was all not only good but inevitable because
“business enterprises,” according to Reich, “are rapidly becoming
the central mediating structures in American society, replacing geographic
communities as the locus of social services and, indeed, social


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