Hannity & Colmes Reax


From a viewer:


Saw your exchange with Alan Colmes tonight. I’m usually not bothered by testy exchanges like that, but for the first time ever I was actually depressed by a political talk show. Either Colmes was so offended by the cover that he could not even make it to page one, or, more likely, he concluded that a lucid, big boy conversation would lead to matters of record that he could not dispute. The real problem with the smiley face cover is not that it offends Liberals, but that 
it allows them to avoid a substantive (and possibly self revealing) discussion altogether by labeling you an extremist unworthy of serious consideration. They would have headed in this direction anyway, as your book points out, but the cover art allows the less imaginative among them to pass go and head straight for the spitting moral outrage. Are we perhaps living in a world where serious scholarship that sheds light on, or even corrects the historical record in favor 
of Conservatives is a waste of time? Those most in need of a history lesson are obviously not interested. And why should they be? The accepted history has served them well.


Just saw the segment on “Hannity & Colmes”. What a pathetic performance by Alan Colmes, he could be replaced by a marionette from a “Punch and Judy” show, or maybe a parrot,  and no one would be the wiser:

* The marionette could ask the same question over and over, just like Colmes.

* The marionette would be unable to read the book before “interviewing” you, but since Colmes clearly didn’t bother to do so, or even read the introduction, there’s no difference there, either. Same-same for the parrot.

* The marionette would jerk its head around and wave its arms in the air in a wooden and rather mechanical fashion…no difference there, either. The parrot would blink a lot and repeat the same statement over and over…just like Colmes.

* When faced with facts that don’t fit the programmed response, the marionette would have to go to a different topic…just like Colmes. The parrot would squawk and fluff up its feathers,
then strut to a different part of the perch. Well, ok, Colmes didn’t strut, and probably doesn’t have newspapers under his chair. Probably…

Finally, that chin spinach of yours was much more noticeable than it is in “What’s Your Problem” webcam segments, but it wasn’t distracting. Offhand I can’t think of anyone else on
TV with that pseudo-Don Quixote grandee-type look. So it’s unique, if nothing else, which in the modern woild counts for something. Or other. I dunno.

But I do know that Colmes is a towering dunderhead who imitated a poorly trained parrot tonight. Not a good imitation, either.


Just saw you on Hannity and Colmes!Kicked major ass! If this was American Idol, you’re my champion.  I’ve already ordered your (signed) book, but this interview was so hot, I’m tempted to order another five.Way to go!And poor Alan……poor poor Alan!
There is a reason I don’t watch Hannity and Colmes anymore.

It is like watching a junior highschool debate.

Jonah, you are on to something very big.

Keep plugging.


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