New Individualist Review of LF


This actually came out in print a long time ago, but Ed Driscoll’s review in the New Individualist — that’s the Randian journal for those who don’t know — is finally available online over at Ed’s place.

Update: From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,   I believe “The New Individualist” is a more properly a publication that writes from an “Objectivist” perspective (but more generally, pro-reason, pro-capitalism and pro-individualism) and not a “Randian” one.  The two are not synonymous.  However, speaking of Objectivists, some years ago Rand’s “heir” Leonard Peikoff wrote a book called “The Ominous Parallels”.  It was about the similarities between the cultural factors, politically and otherwise, that gave rise to Nazism in Weimar Germany and those that have been developing in the United States.  It seems to be similar to, although more specific in its focus than the subject of your book.  I was wondering whether you were familiar with it.  From what I’ve seen of your book (mostly thumbing through it at the bookstore), it is interesting and I plan on reading it.
Me: Yes, I think I’ve mentioned around here that I am familiar with Peikoff’s book. I found it useful in many respects, thought a particularly enjoyable read. It floats at a pretty high altitude, but that was Peikoff’s intent.  As for Randian v. Objectivist, I stand corrected.  


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