Where Do We Draw the Line?


From a reader: 


Your book, Liberal Fascism, has opened my eyes to the challenges we face in America. I am scared to death if one of the two democratic candidates get elected, along with a democratic controlled Congress. Any ways, your book has lit the fire within me, to express my conservative ideas and theologies with as many liberals (family or friends) as I possibly can. Ever since the passing of WFB, I have been engulfed in trying to collect as many books that he wrote, along with the intellectuals that inspired Buckley, and daily reading columns on national review online. I am also going to get a subscription to the NR. Your book has truly motivated me in a way I cant describe to you.

I do have a couple questions that I sincerely hope you respond to. In terms of the Progressives of the 20’s thru 40’s and how they imposed their will of fascist ideology on the American people and how you called George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind Act” a form of fascism (which I agree with), my question to you is, where do Conservatives draw the line in terms social conservatism? Some examples are the protection of marriage between a man and a woman, pro life stances, against the destruction of human embryos, internet pornography, etc…I agree with all the positions but as a conservative, where do I draw the line in terms conservative fascism? (Is there such a thing as conservative fascism?) Or, in terms of our Christian and godly heritage, is it ok to impose these ideas on people who disagree with it? Obviously the issues are morally and socially right and there is a lot of truth behind them, i.e. the Bible, but where do we draw the line?

You got me thinking about this topic when I read your blog about leaning more toward the libertarian party. You made a great argument and made me think about it.


Great job on the book!


Keep fighting the good fight!


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