Clinton’s “Family” & LF


From a reader:

Johah, I saw the article in the Huffington Post by Barbara Ehrenreich (suitable name). When reading the article, I noticed how Hillary was deemed a “fascist” and immediately thought of the section in your book about how the far left will decry a competing leftist philosophy as “fascist” to give the impression that the competing philosophy is far right in its leanings, but in actuality, the competing ideology (ie fascism) is just not as far left as the “superior” philosophy (ie communism). It is fascinating to me to finally get validation as to which campaign is the one farthest left. I have been reading your book for the past week, and I am afraid that words cannot fully describe just how much I enjoy it. It has answered so many questions for me. Thank you for writing this book, it really puts everything into proper perspective. I used to have so many questions regarding the early 20th century, especially about WWI and the lead in to WWII, it just didn’t make a lot of sense to me as to why our involvement was necessary in WWI and you basically put the final piece of the puzzle together for me. Everything seems to fit nicely and make sense. Wilson was just another fellow traveler with all of these other leftist ideologies, that at the point when an American presence could make the most impact, with the least cost (compared to the other warring nations) he goes in, backs out of his campaign promise to remain neutral and basically tries to rearrange the world into this utopian universe. It is interesting to note that practically all (if not all) of the other warring nations had their governments replaced by leftists, sort of to fill void. This explains, to me at least, everything from this point to WWII and beyond into the cold war. You may not have meant to do this when writing your book, but you did. And I thank you for it, because prior to your book, explanations on the real whys of this period are very hard to find. This period in history is a hell of a lot more complex than “the kaiser started it all” or “the Archduke was killed by ‘anarchists’”.
And, from another reader:
Would you say that Hillary is part of the vast right wing conspiracy the same way Mussolini and Hitler were when they first rose to fame? 

The Left is apparently deciding that her personality/politics/utility is now a net negative to the forward march of humanity, and thus by being a drag on the Left’s progress, she must be of the right.  However, since she appears to be on the left while she must in truth be on the right, she must be part of a conspiracy that is vast.  Thankfully, we can all rest assured that history will get it right and she will be shown to be the Rightist that she clearly is.

Could we be watching the Righting of a Leftist which you seem to be describing in LF?  I’m only on chapter two, so I don’t know if LF ends with a description of how this happened to Hitler and Benito, but I’m loving the story so far. 

Keep up the good work, but could you throw in a G-File or comment from the couch on LF every now and then?  Just because you are politically grown up now doesn’t mean you have to be respectable all the time.


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