Would That There Were a Million More of Ye


From a reader:

Dear Jonah,

OK, so maybe you’re going to drop off the bestseller list.  Sad news, but consider: 

  – You wrote a *history* book that hit #1.
  – You’ve had a dozen printings (so far).
  – You enraged all the proper parties.
  – You thanked all the proper parties.
  – You’ve made “fascist” a term that can’t be bandied about quite so easily.
  – Your place in history is assured.

Etc., etc.

So, don’t go tempting the Gods.

You’ve done a man’s work.  I know, because unlike many of your reviewers I bought the book the first day it was on the shelves, read it, and had you sign it for me at Oglethorpe.  Now pick another topic, and do it again.  Your horde of eager readers is baying for ink, blessed ink.


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