Sorel, Left & Right


From a reader:

Seeing as how important you note Georges Sorel is in the development of leftwing fascism, I was amused to read on wikipedia that;

Whether Sorel is better seen as a left-wing or right-wing thinker is disputed: the Italian Fascists praised him as a forefather, but the dictatorial government they established ran contrary to his beliefs, while he was also an important touchstone for Italy’s first Communists, who saw Sorel as a theorist of the proletariat.

So, Sorel was viewed as a critically important theorist by both the Italian Fascists and Communists. I would imagine this does make examining his work rather difficult if you subscribe to the notion that fascism and communism are polar opposites. Of course there is a rather more obvious solution to this nominal mystery as you point out in your book…


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