Rush & Darwinism


From a reader:

Pushing Ben Stein’s movie about academia stifling “Intelligent Design” studies, Rush Limbaugh today said approvingly: “Ben Stein speculates and theorizes that it was Darwinism that led to Hitler and his Holocaust of the Jews.” Just so happens I was exactly on the page in your book where you explain how Progressives made Herbert Spencer “the bad guy” for opposing eugenics, and how “Social Darwinism” wound up unfairly getting the blame FOR Nazi eugenic practices and the Holocaust itself. Synchronicity?? Alas, I don’t think Rush has read your book — which is a pity, as I think even he could learn from it. Congrats on LF’s success. When I think of all the gnashed teeth and rent garments the book has provoked among the Left, my spirit soars.
Me: Thanks! But for the record, I’m not a creationist and though I haven’t seen Stein’s film, it sounds like I’d have big problems with it. Meanwhile, I wish Rush would take a gander at my book. Correction: My apologies on one point. I shouldn’t have called Stein a creationist. Intelligent design and creationism are different things, and one’s more intellectually defensible than the other. But I’m not a subscriber to either. 


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