Time’s Moral Equivalent of War


From a reader:

Took a look at the Time “articles” on the global warming/climate change/weather   and I can’t agree with Southern Appeal more.   I read it and the first thought in my mind was “Jonah would eat this up.”   The moral smugness and posturing that Time sets up is astonishing (not to mention the complete disavowal of journalistic concepts of objectivity)   The basic idea is “remember all that D-Day crap with dudes dying and stuff (bummer) well that ain’t nothing — global warming is worse, like totally worse dude — and we are the chosen ones to fight it!”   Seriously – this all goes back to the baby boomers ( I sound like Joe Queenan).   Ever anxious to make whatever happens when they are alive the most important thing ever – until recently however, even the boomers couldn’t top the Big WWII — it looms so large. No straight-faced boomer could even claim burning bras to save Vietnam topped that.   Bot now — finally! — there is global warming!!! “Now that could beat WWII – sure the GIs died storming Iwo or liberated death camps — but we are saving the very Earth herself!  We are who we’ve been wating for!  And we can do it without killing Japs! We can just drive their hybrids!!!! Switch a lightbulb — save Gaia!”   “Take that Ike!  Take that Band of Brothers!”


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