LF & Dawson


From a reader:

Dear Jonah,
I haven’t finished your book, but I’ve read enough to note how it 
resonates with the work of great cultural historian Christopher 
Dawson.  I’m reading Bradley Birzer’s book on him now: “Sanctifying 
the World”.

On p.124, Birzer discusses Dawson’s book, “Religion and the Modern 
State” (1936):

Dawson “described the rise of fascism while labeling the rise of the 
New Deal in America as a benign form of dictatorship.  ‘It is in fact 
a constitutional dictatorship,’ Dawson wrote bluntly.  Further, he 
noted, to abandon the free market, as the Americans had done, would 
lead to the abandonment of other American liberties. ‘We shall also 
have to abandon political individualism and the right to criticize and 
oppose the Government,’  Dawson wrote.  Rooted in the Burkean 
tradition of organic common law and constitutional medievalism, Dawson 
believed that all liberties were wrapped together, inseparable from 
one another….mass democracies more often than not allow bureaucracies and selfish 
interests to assume control, forcing all things to become political 
and politicized…”

Check out this quote especially, which might have come from your own 

“It may be harder to resist a Totalitarian state which relies on free 
milk and birth control clinics than one which relies on castor oil and 
concentration camps.”


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