All Aboard!


In Michael Tomasky’s sophomoric review of my book, some may recall that he insisted that whenever governmental pursuit of good stuff  “crosses the line into coercion, well, that is where liberals — I mean liberals who know something about liberalism — get off the train, and do their noncoercive best to derail it.”

As I noted in my somewhat groin-kicking response: “What is this magical, wonderful ‘something’ that lurks in ‘real’ liberals? What is the secret gnosis that empowers these people to know instinctively when they’ve gone too far? Tomasky never says, he just knows on faith that this is true. It sure sounds like Tomasky is a votary to the political religion I argue liberalism has become.”

So I do wonder how Tomasky would explain the Tuskegee experiment? After all, this was good government progressivism hard at work. And no one got off the train to do their noncoercive best to derail it for 40 years.

According to Tomasky, the answer must be that the whistleblowers were the real liberals, because real liberals are always the good guys and the good guys are always real liberals.  


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