I have Returned, Briefly


I was in Costa Rica for the last few days, and I know this blog has been woefully quiet. I hope to have a bunch of stuff up in the next day or two, though I leave for Pasadena in a little bit for a book talk. Hope you can make it.  I suspect it won’t be the most friendly of audiences. In the meantime, this is exactly the sort of email I love to get, because word-of-mouth is the only thing keeping the long tail of LF’s sales aloft.


I (think I) sold your book to 4 people while on vacation in Florida:
One gent asked:  I’ve heard of it.  Why should I read it?
Me:  Read it for the first 2-3 chapters alone, where Goldberg destroys
about 70 years of myths re: the origin of fascism.
Him: “Tell me more”
Me: For 75 years, the MSM and most of academia has propagated the myth
that the political spectrum is a straight line: Soviet/Chinese
totalitarianism at the extreme left end and Fascism at the extreme
right end of this straight line.  Goldberg conclusively demonstrates
that the political spectrum is a circle, i.e., that the major
differences between fascism and communism is how they were sold to the
Him: “What do you mean?”
Me: Basically, Goldberg points out that Italian and German Fascism
were simply “command socialism” wrapped in different clothing.
Mussolini, for example, predicted that it would be a much easier sell
to the populace if instead of “workers unite” (thereby creating class
conflict and resentment/envy re: his statist plans) he slightly
shifted the message to “All Italians unite for Italy.”  In terms of
how fascism was implemented, it was extremely similar to
socialism/communism in its impact on the individual and its attempt to
displace traditional cultural icons (religion, family) in favor of the
Him: “I’ll buy it on amazon, sounds interesting.”

I give this similar sales pitch at multiple gatherings/cocktail parties, etc.


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