Canadian Fascism?


From a reader:

Jonah:   The closest Canada has come to a fascist government was the Alberta Social Credit Party, first elected  as the provincial government in 1935. Their program was a mix of populism, socialism and conservative christianity, with a strong taint of anti-semitism.   I found the link below on Mark Steyn’s website.  The SoCreds attempted to pass a law in 1937 requiring newspapers to print articles as ordered by the Provincial Government.  It also gave them the power to forbid certain writers from being published, or to close down newspapers entirely. The Canadian Supreme Court overturned the law in 1938.  The Social  Credit Movement remained popular in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec into the 1970s.   The Alberta Premier William (Bible Bill) Aberhart’s justification of this totalitarian bill is included.  He equates civil liberty with the law of the jungle and declares the modern world to be too complex to allow individualism.


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