Fascism & Snail Darters


An email in response to the snail darter discussion in the Corner:

As a chronicler of fascism, you may be interested to know that the snail darter litigation was actually driven by the desire of local people to save their farms and homes in the valley of the Little Tennessee River from the depradations of TVA. Much valuable farmland and many homes were lost to this dam and reservoir, all because some regional planning types thought they could carry out the last gasp of New Deal bureaucratic planning in this area.  The dam does not have any power generators itself- it send water to another dam that does. I understand that the great, nonpower-related plans that TVA had for this project never eventuated- all of this was recently documented by a former UT law prof, who litigated the case, in a recent issue of the TBA journal. The homes and farms are still gone. But those are some good snail darter poems, though. Also, that was an excellent, thought-provoking account of fascism that you wrote.


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