28 Weeks Later


Today marks the 7th month since pub date. I thought readers might want an update of the book’s sales etc. On Amazon it remains the #1 book in Conservatism, Systems of Government, and Fascism (the last isn’t that surprising). It remains in the top 10 political science books, though it bounces around constantly (as of this writing it’s #7). The bookscan number (which captures roughly 70% of sales) is 99,236. Tomorrow, when the new numbers come out, it will almost certainly top 100K (it hasn’t sold less than 1,000 per week since pub date). Which means actual sales should be around 140K.

So far, the book’s been sold to several overseas markets, most excitingly to the UK — where I will be this Winter to promote it. And, hopefully, my press in Italy will lead to a visit there. The paperback has been delayed because we all felt it was important for it to come out after the election so it can take account of events. There’s been some very preliminary talk about a documentary, based on the book. I’ve hardly had Closing of the American Mind scale success, but it’s still too early to tell where this will all end (and one can come far, far short of that and still be well-pleased). The feedback from readers — as well as from peers and my betters — has been thrilling (though much of the leftwing criticism has been disappointingly lame). Indeed, the single biggest source of its success has been the generous support and word-of-mouth of those who’ve actually read it. Though the evidence is as much anecdotal as anything else, I think the book has made a lasting mark on the culture, despite the best efforts of the lefty blogs and the liberal establishment to close ranks in a concerted effort to discredit it and/or me. Some rave reviews early on, as well as the support of the magazine, helped keep it from getting swamped. Glenn Beck’s support helped push it to #1 on the NYT’s list. I meet a lot of people who’ve bought copies for their kids, spouses, colleagues and the local library. In fact, the waiting lists at libraries have been amazingly long (I know because people send me the responses to their loan requests). College conservative groups have bought and promoted the book with great enthusiasm. About a dozen or so professors have told me that they’ve incorporated (or will next semester) the book into their classes. Yes, of course, I have my gripes about how specific personalities have behaved, on the right and the left, friends and strangers, but on the whole, I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful. My thanks to all of you for the support and encouragement.


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