Fighting Misconceptions, Cont’d


A reader responds:

Jonah,     The subtext behind the argument that liberals can’t be fascistic or communistic because those things are evil or brutal, is the argument that good equals liberalism, therefore liberals can’t be evil.  This is nothing but slick propoganda.  Kinda’ like when communists declared their similar fascist competitors as evil to make them seem like opposites, then proceeded to tar any real opposites as fascists.  Even today, many who lean left often mindlessly equate opponents as fascists because daring to oppose their goodness means you must be evil.      I thankfully have never met a mass murderer.  Still, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t do wrong, or bad, or even evil things without justifying themselves in doing the wrong, bad, or evil thing.  And I sincerely doubt that even the mass murderers want to think of themselves as evil.     Note that this type of propoganda is different than saying liberalism is good.  Still false, but it at least allows for many more types of good.  You can have a different opinion and still be included in side of good.  No this is a much uglier falsehood.  It is very seductive, yet very evil.     As was said long ago, everybody sins. But, it can also be said that everybody wants to feel good about themselves.  We can let ourselves feel bad, which may lead to change, or we can rationalize the behaviour as good so that we can keep doing it without feeling bad.  A political or social argument that says come join this crowd and behave this way, because that makes you good, is designed to both attract people and to shut down rational thought and opposition.  It is also designed to enable wrong, bad, and even evil behaviour.     There is a very good reason why the left attacks religion.  They see the social constraints as evil tools used against them, and insist on taking over that power, so that they can constrain the rest of us to have the society they dream of.  And this propoganda is how they build their army of mind-numbed robots to enforce their dream upon us.     But there are natural human behaviours and natural consequences to these behaviours.  Society has had to build up mechanisms to protect ourselves from the bad consequences and to encourage the behaviours with good consequences.  These utopian dreams the left foists upon us fly in the face of human nature.  Invariably, they end up having to use force, fighting harder and harder in a vain attempt to stop the bad consequences from happening.  Things spiral out of control, and they end up doing evil in the name of good.     You try to think independantly.  That allows you to see that those who have swallowed this propoganda have distorted the past, whitewashing their behaviour and blackwashing those they oppose.  So like most conservative thinkers, you respond with reasoned thought and data proving your points.     On the other hand, the KoolAid drinkers can’t admit to themselves that you are right.  Thus they fall back on their basic tenet that they are good therefore you can’t be right.     The only way to overcome this is to keep showing them their bad behaviours and its consequences.  You can’t beat emotions and rationalilzations with reasoned thought based on data.      But you can, and have, better equipped the rest of us to counter and cope with their delusions.     The world would be a much nicer place if everyone realized that others can want to do good even if we think they will do bad instead, and that even our best intentions can go awry.  Unfortunately, I have started to wonder just how long one can do bad thinking it is good.  Especially when ones fellows join ones opponents to point out the bad and try to fix it.  Or worse, when one gains by doing bad and lying about it.     How many don’t think good about Moynihan because he led the call to reform welfare?  Look what happened to Lieberman.  And when the left gets power by ‘enabling’ victims, but creates policies that create more victims, that keep people victimized instead of helping them overcome, demonizing anyone who tries to really help, and scapegoating innocent victims to avoid blame, how can that be thought of as anything but intentionally crafted evil?     Just because it is not Aushwitz or the Gulag, does not mean it is not evil.     But when they drink the KoolAid, the ends always justify the means.  (And there are always people willing to force the rest of us to drink it too.)     They might as well have argued that slavery isn’t evil because it is not murder, or feudal serfdom isn’t evil because it is not slavery.  Just think about what you can get away with when you depict only the worst actions as evil, and you define whatever you want as good.


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