The New Deal & Fascism + Plus a Whacky Idea


My Old Whig reader sends some interesting links, I missed during the book tour:

Interesting, you may have seen it already:

A defense of the New Deal but not of Progressivism per se. See the May 2008 discussion logs for H-US1918-45.

Starting with this post forward.
Me: I have a crazy week ahead as I am about to leave DC for the rest of the summer. But I will try to get to some of this stuff. This email, however, gives me the idea that maybe I should let a few folks have posting privileges to the blog. That would keep the discussion going over the Summer and take some of the load off me. I’ll think about it. Update: From a reader:
Hamby’s piece contains a couple of bits of intellectual sleight-of-
hand that are designed to obfuscate.  First, “racialistic imperatives” 
aren’t innate to fascism.  Second, he omits that contempt for 
conservative values in general and capitalism in particular is just as 
innate to fascism as contempt for “liberal values.”  I suspect he’s 
trying to gerrymander fascism out of the leftist orbit, to create 
artificial and fictitious distance between leftist outrages (including 
thuggery) and fascism.

Keep up the good work.


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