Reason Reviews LF


Michael Moynihan, an impressive writer over at Reason has reviewed LF — albeit 7 months after publication. There’s fair criticism in their, but I think there are some unfair bits as well. I’m crashing on deadlines but I’ll give one example now, and then we can come back to this later. He writes:

At times, the contortions required to tie fascism with 21st century partisanship can bring Goldberg close to sounding like Wolf: “Fascists famously rules by terror. Political correctness isn’t literally terroristic, but it does govern through fear.” Well, yes, but being accused of racial insensitivity is rather different than seeing your family arrested on Kristallnacht.

Please. As his own review concedes I make it clear that I am not equating even Progressivism’s worst bullying to Hitlerism, but he nonetheless goes on to score a cheap debater’s point by pointing out something he knows I already concede.

Besides, does political correctness have to be as bad as Kristallnacht for me to make the point that it’s bad,  uses fear and has substantive analogues to fascist practices? If I was making a point about the Marxist roots of PC — a Communist phrase originally — would Moynihan rhetorically spike the ball by saying “Well, yes, but being accused of racial insensitivity is rather different than seeing  your village liquidated”?  Moynihan well knows that National Socialist political correctness wasn’t all about cracking skulls and ransacking stores. And he also is aware that fascist and Nazi aren’t interchangeable. 

There are a few other spots where Michael seems to want be so even-handed he offers strawmanish criticisms of my book. There’s also some fair stuff and some praise. Anyway, judge for yourself.  


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