Speaking Gigs


I have a pretty full plate of gigs this fall. Some of them are not open to the public, so they’re not included here. The ones italicized are ones where the public may be invited, I just don’t know. Most are debates with Beinart (the thing at St. Louis will be particularly fun. We’ll be debating the vice-presidential debate right after the debate) and the are speeches.

9/19                              Rio Grand Foundation                                       Albuquerque, NM

9/25/08                         Eastern Kentucky University (debate)                  Richmond, KY  

9/26/08                         Hillsdale Free Market Forum                                Detroit, MI            

10/1/08                         Salt Lake City Community College (debate)          Salt Lake City, UT          

10/2/08                         Washington University   (debate)                         Saint Louis, MO             

10/6/08                         Boise State University (debate)                           Boise, ID                      

10/14/08                        Allegheny County Bar Association           Pittsburg, PA                 

10/16/08                        Iowa State University of Sci. & Tech        Ames, IA                     

10/27/08                        Ball State University (debate)                              Muncie, IN                     

10/28/08                        DePaul University (debate)                                  Chicago, IL                   

10/29/08                        University of North Carolina – Charlotte (debate)     Charlotte, NC                


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