The Pavlik Morozov Prize* in Environmental Awareness


A nice addition to the Obama Youth Videos churning around. From the Amazon enviro-blog (Via Tree Hugger):

“This just in from the you-couldn’t-make-this-stuff-up-if-you-tried department. A new website designed by npower, a British electric company, is recruiting children using games, badges and cartoons to enlist as “Climate Cops”; their duties are to actively keep records on their parents and neighbors for violations of “energy crimes” against the planet. Children then use the results of their spying to build a “Climate Crime Case File” on the perps, which they then “report back to your family to make sure they don’t commit those crimes again (or else)!” The site also warns children that they “may need to keep a watchful eye” to prevent future violations. Did I mention I’m not making this up? It gets worse.”
*Oh in case you didn’t know Pavlik Morozov was a hero of the Soviet Union for informing on his father.


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