Obama: My Personal Jesus


Via Geraghty, a girl at Smith College says Obama is her personal Jesus. Parody or no — I can’t tell — this reminds me the cult of Teddy Roosevelt among progressives in 1912. From the book:

Everywhere one looked, “scientific” utopianism, nationalism, so-
cialism, and Christianity blended into one another. Consider the
1912 Progressive Party Convention. The New York Times described
it as a “convention of fanatics,” at which political speeches were
punctuated by the singing of hymns and shouts of “Amen!” “It was
not a convention at all. It was an assemblage of religious enthusi-
asts,” the Times reported. “It was such a convention as Peter the
Hermit held. It was a Methodist camp meeting done over into polit-
ical terms.” The “expression on every face” in the audience, includ-
ing that of Jane Addams, who rose to nominate Teddy Roosevelt for
his quixotic last bid for the presidency, was one “of fanatical and re-
ligious enthusiasm.” The delegates, who “believed—obviously and
certainly believed—that they were enlisted in a contest with the
Powers of Darkness,” sang “We Will Follow Jesus,” but with the
name “Roosevelt” replacing the now-outdated savior.
Among them
were representatives of every branch of Progressivism, including the
Social Gospeller Washington Gladden, happily replacing the old
Christian savior with the new “Americanist” one. Roosevelt told the
rapturous audience, “Our cause is based on the eternal principles of
righteousness…We stand at Armageddon, and we battle for the


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