Political Religion Watch


I already put this in the Corner:

From a Democratc acquaintance who liked the book:

That President Obama video is not just creepy, big brother-ish mindcontrol freaky – it is also really, really sad.  I mean some of those people were not laughing with joy but with embarrassment.  I kinda felt bad for all of them.

But what makes all this worship ultimately an “Obamination” is two-part.  One, it transparently reveals the secular Left’s need for some form of religion – be it environmentalism or Obama-worship.  And two, these types of Obama videos, protester activity, etc. is the most frightening realization of your book Liberal Fascism.  The smiling jackbooted totalitarians who under a smiley face stamp on your face for daring to question their status quo.

Deeply disturbing on so many, many levels.


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