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From a reader:

…I come across these days makes me think of Liberal Fascism.  To wit, the first paragraph of this book review in the latest TNR:

Not so long ago many historians saw Nazism mainly as a revolt against modernity, a call for a return to soil and Volk. Gordon Horwitz’s book on wartime Lodz lends support to what has become a new scholarly consensus about the Third Reich: that it looked forward, not back. Hitler promised to build a new Germany that offered social benefits, educational opportunities, and cities that combined the benefits of modernity and technology with a proper regard for aesthetics, health, and culture. This new Germany would harness science–especially the biological sciences–to create a racially superior nation. Needless to say, such a vision had no place for Jews. 

I think your book has a chance to become the Losing Ground of the “oughts”.  It has influenced my own thinking enormously.  I’m honored to have met you briefly in Chicago where you signed my copy of Liberal Fascism.  Keep up the good work.


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