Conservatives Are Fascists Dept


Here’s a really perfectly distilled bit of stereotypical idiocy about the threat from the oogy-boogy-gun-loving-Right by Sara Robinson of the Campaign for America’s Future . It’s funny how I thought it was cribbed from David Neiwert and all of his campus coffeehouse philosophizing and — lo and behold — on page two the author reveals she is a colleague of Neiwert’s. It’s tiresome overheated nonsense that actually fits the us vs. them paranoia she ascribes to the Right better than most of the stuff you’ll ever find on the Right.

Update: A reader is not well-pleased:

Curse you Jonah.  Your LF blog caused me to read the Sara Robinson article to which you linked.
My eyes are now dribbling out of my sockets as if I were a Hiroshima blast victim.
Seriously, you need a stronger warning about how horribly illogical, paranoid and stupid this article is.  I only made it through page two.
I am going home to drink a glass of wine and recover.
Love the book and the columns.  Keep up the good fight.


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