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Research 2000 Countersues Daily Kos


So it looks like not only will Daily Kos be suing its former pollster Research 2000, but Research 2000 will be countersuing the Kos (Del Ali is the president of Research 2000):

Ali’s attorney, Richard Beckler of Howrey LLP in Washington, told TPMmuckraker in an interview, “This guy is completely all wet. This allegation of fraud is absurd.” He added, “These guys are basically ruining Mr. Ali’s business.”

Beckler promised to take “some kind of action soon against all of them” — referring to Kos and the three authors of the analysis calling R2K’s data into question. He declined to elaborate. Beckler also questioned the credentials of the three authors — who Kos called “statistic wizards” — Mark Grebner, Michael Weissman, and Jonathan Weissman. They are respectively described in the Kos post as political consultant, a retired physicist, and a wildlife research technician.

Beckler claimed that Kos “wont even pay his goddamn bill. He owes [Ali] $50, $60, $70,000 dollars, something in that neighborhood.”

Kos adds that he’s paid his bill. Wait until both parties see their attorney bills.


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