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Pakistani Entertainment in the UK


The Independent:

A broadcaster has been criticised for allowing a talent contest to go to air in which an entertainer cut off a chicken’s head and drank its blood.

The horrific scene, featuring a number of close-ups, was broadcast during the school holidays on a week day early evening.

It was repeated that night and at 11am the following day leading to worries that children would have seen it.

The programme Dum Hai Tou – “Entertain, If You Dare” – showed the performer struggle to cut the animal’s neck before eventually holding the flapping creature aloft and guzzling its blood.

The broadcaster, ARY Digital which serves a UK Pakistani audience, was blasted today by regulator Ofcom for transmitting “gratuitous”, “offensive” material before the watershed without a warning.

Paging Mark Steyn . . .


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