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The Media Matters Timeline of the Sherrod Affair


Let’s not even argue with Media Matters about it, and just accept their timeline as fact. It’s as good as any I’ve seen. What’s really missing from the timeline, however, is ANY broadcast coverage by Fox News of the Sherrod video prior to her firing. Media Matters has two web links. That’s it. That’s what snookered the president of the NAACP and that’s what forced the White House to act as quickly as they did?  I’m sorry, but that’s just not believable.

Now, once she was fired, that’s when the coverage picked up, and why wouldn’t it? As the editors of the Washington Post write today, most of the blame lies squarely on the White House and the Tom Vilsack. Blaming Fox News is just a distraction to move the story away from the incompetence on display by this administration and the NAACP.


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