“I Think Kathleen Got It Exactly Right”

by Guy Benson

I suspect this sort of agreement will be a regular feature CNN’s sizzling hot new show:

CNN offered a sneak preview of their upcoming Parker-Spitzer program on Wednesday’s Anderson Cooper 360 with the new hosts, pseudo-conservative Kathleen Parker and “Client Number Nine” Eliot Spitzer agreeing that the “well-spoken” Imam Feisal Rauf changed few minds with his recent interview. The two also forwarded their network’s charge that “Islamophobia” is growing in the U.S.

Brace yourselves, America.  Here comes a pitch-perfect, Beltway-consensus, conservative-ish writer and a disgraced liberal sex fiend former governor of New York merrily siding against, and looking down their noses at, two-thirds of their countrymen on emotional, hot-button issues.  Congrats on the surefire ratings salvation, CNN! 

Parker & Spitzer: “Just Like Crossfire, minus the disagreement and entertainment.”

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