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Losing the Left: Ezra Klein of the Washington Post


He writes:

Democrats turn to meaningless word games

Greg Sargent reports that House Democrats want to rebrand the extension of Bush’s middle-class tax cuts as “the Obama tax cuts for the middle class.”

Sigh. Whether you think this is a good idea, a bad idea or a totally meaningless waste of time — and you can guess which view I hold — it’s worth remembering that Democrats have known about the expiration of these cuts for 10 years now. If they wanted to create their own middle-class tax cut to replace Bush’s expiring program and make sure they got the credit from the voters, they could’ve done that. If they wanted to begin calling them something different, they could have started the process last year. Instead, we’ve now been talking about the Bush tax cuts for months and the big plan is to suddenly change how Democrats refer to them in press releases?

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