Correction of the Day

by Greg Pollowitz

Think Progress from earlier on Friday: Comcast COO Steve Burke — a Bush fundraiser and future head of MSNBC once Comcast completes its acquistion — was in on the decision to fire Keith Olbermann!

Think Progress from later in the day: Actually, no he didn’t!

UPDATED: We have been notified that Comcast has not yet officially taken over MSNBC/NBC Universal. Although Comcast has tentatively finalized a deal to purchase a majority stake in NBC, Comcast awaits final approval of the takeover from the Justice Department and from the Federal Communications Commission. A statement from Comcast reads: “The joint venture between Comcast and GE has not yet received regulatory approval. Comcast is not in any way involved with decisions made currently by NBC News.” However, once Comcast gains final approval from federal regulators to move forward, Comcast COO Steve Burke, a Bush fundraiser, will be placed at the helm of MSNBC and other NBC companies. Our original post inaccurately asserted that Comcast’s Burke was involved in the decision to fire Olbermann. We apologize for the error.

Although Burke didn’t fire Olbermann, it’s still amusing. Ed, Chris, Keith, Rachel and Larry: Meet your new Republican overlord. This should be fun to watch.

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