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Arianna Huffington Sued by Lefty Bloggers Over Creation of HuffPo


Get the popcorn. Mediaite:

What would the world be like if The Huffington Post was actually The Stassinopoulos Report? Well, we might’ve had to have taken StassRepo busses to D.C. And also, Arianna Huffington wouldn’t have been sued by Democratic consultants James Boyce and Peter Daou, who are accusing her of stealing the idea for a website from their designs, a site that would one day become The Huffington Post.

According to the plaintiffs, Boyce had sent to Huffington a memo “outlining a website where ‘political luminaries and public figures should be invited to blog’” back in 2004. Apparently, “The Stassinopoulos Report” (which employs Arianna’s maiden name), “Arianna’s on Fire,” and “Arianna Says” were among the contenders for this new site’s name. Their lawsuit claims that she and business partner Ken Lerer pulled an alleged Mark Zuckerberg when they “shook hands at the end of the meeting and said ‘It will be great to work together.’” The next year, The Huffington Post was launched sans Boys and Daou, who “have no written contract, and no evidence that Huffington and Lerer considered them formal partners,” only an e-mail in which they seem to take the supposed partnership more seriously than their counterparts.

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