Sarah Palin Kills Bambi, if Bambi Were Big and Dumb

by Greg Pollowitz

I’m not a hunter. All I know about hunting I’ve learned from Bambi and Red Dawn, so watching Sarah Palin shoot a caribou last not on Sarah Palin’s Alaska was kind of interesting. Palin eventually shoots the caribou, but only after a number of tries. (Later determined to be her dad’s fault for having the scope on the rifle not calibrated properly) Here’s the video. (Fast Forward to 1:50, and since she does shoot the animal and then “field dress” it, the usually warnings apply):

And since I’m not a hunter, I do have one question for any readers who are hunters. Why does Sarah Palin keep whispering when the caribou doesn’t run away after Palin keeps firing at it and missing? I’ve never seen an animal so stupid. It actually looks at the TLC cameras as if to say, “hey, what’s that loud banging over there? And there it is again. I wonder what’s up?” PETA can say what they want, but Palin did the herd a favor by removing this particular caribou from the gene pool.

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