Olbermann’s Twitter Temper Tantrum

by Greg Pollowitz

Huffington Post:

Keith Olbermann announced Thursday that he is suspending his Twitter account in response to sustained and, in his opinion, unwarranted attacks over his handling of the rape allegations surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange’s legal troubles have been rife with confusion and controversy about the nature of the crimes he has allegedly committed. Many have urged people not to dismiss the rape allegations as merely politically motivated, while others have said they are a smokescreen for a war against WikiLeaks.

One of the people making the claim that the case has been overblown is filmmaker Michael Moore, who also contributed $20,000 for Assange’s bail. On Tuesday, Moore explained why he had contributed the money. He also appeared on that night’s “Countdown.” In response, the website TigerBeatDown harshly criticized Moore for writing that the allegations against Assange were “strange” and that people should “never, ever believe the ‘official story.’” The site launched a Twitter campaign to get Moore to apologize. TigerBeatDown also criticized Olbermann for retweeting a link by Bianca Jagger which dismissed the charges and possibly revealed the identities of Assange’s accusers.

Olbermann began receiving a flood of heated criticism on Twitter for hosting Moore and for retweeting Jagger’s post. In response, Olbermann apologized for any offense he had caused, but denied that he had done anything else wrong [. . .]

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