Dumbest Thing You’ll Read Tonight, if Not Ever

by Greg Pollowitz

Luther Campbell, a.k.a. Uncle Luke of the band Two Live Crew, has a column in a free paper down here in Miami called the Miami New Times. (It’s one of those papers funded with ads for Asian massage parlors.)

This week, Campbell takes on Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, etc., saying they all have “blood on their hands.” Since there is something hypocritical, idiotic, or simply false in each paragraph, I’ll paste it in full below. Language warning:

People, don’t give Sarah Palin and the Tea Party a pass for their hateful rhetoric. It has energized some very disturbed, racist individuals in this country to shoot and kill innocent people in the name of “Take America Back.”

Who are they taking it back from? Last time I checked, we were all Americans… black, white, green, yellow, Jewish, or Catholic. When we go to war, we go as one. When terrorists bomb a building and kill Americans, we all mourn. When a natural disaster devastates an American city and loved ones perish, we all grieve. When teams win championships, black and white fans come together to cheer for their home cities.

Palin, the Tea Party, and right-wing pundits like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’Reilly have blood on their hands. The bodies in Tucson are on them. Palin’s assertion that she’s a victim of “blood libel” is reprehensible and ridiculous. Everyday this lady and those conservative talking heads are on the radio, cable television, Facebook, and Twitter gassing people up with directives to take back the country. They make false claims, including the trope about the black U.S. president not being a citizen. Sick, racist folks listen to this shit, believe it, and are motivated to take violent measures.

The federal government should treat the Tea Party like it does other extremist militant movements. The feds need to shut it down just like they shut down the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam. The government needs to investigate these radical right-wingers, even it means taking down a few Congress members and governors who help fuel the hate.

Can you imagine if democrats came together to counter the Tea Party and used media to demand Tea Partiers be expelled from the U.S.? Maybe democrats would organize a rally and show up with guns? Man, you’d have the National Guard ready to stop everyone from killing each other.

Expressing an opinion and inciting someone to commit violence are two distinct things. Palin and her ilk are brainwashing people into doing things that place every American in danger. If we don’t shut the Tea Party down, we are going to end up in a civil war.

Oh, and by the way, Campbell is talking about running for mayor of Miami. Unbelievable.

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