State Dept. Spokesman Not a Fan of the Treatment of Bradley Manning

by Greg Pollowitz

Philippa Thomas with the scoop on what P. J. Crowley thinks of the treatment of the Wiki-leaking soldier, Bradley Manning:

What did Crowley think, he asked, about Wikileaks? About the United States, in his words, “torturing a prisoner in a military brig”? Crowley didn’t stop to think. What’s being done to Bradley Manning by my colleagues at the Department of Defense “is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” He paused. “None the less Bradley Manning is in the right place”. And he went on lengthening his answer, explaining why in Washington’s view, “there is sometimes a need for secrets… for diplomatic progress to be made”.

Somebody tell Crowley that his boss is loosely affiliated with the DoD, you know, commander-in-chief and all.

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