Nicholas Kristof: Hey, Let’s Just Swoop in and Arrest Qaddafi

by Greg Pollowitz

Kristof ends his column today with:

The International Criminal Court is investigating Colonel Qaddafi, with an indictment possible as soon as next month. It would be a fine step toward ending global impunity for atrocities if a SWAT team of Libyans and coalition forces swooped down one day and seized Colonel Qaddafi to face trial in The Hague. It’s the kind of thing that no one can predict, but it’s an ending that would leave this Libyan incursion remembered not only for the lives it saved, but also as a milestone in the history of humanitarianism.

The prophecy is true: Team America: World Police.

I also look forward to General Kristof’s next column on just how we can actually accomplish this snatch-and-grab.

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