The Two Sides of Kristof

by Nat Brown

The NYT opinion columnist recently penned a powerful and much needed (at least for most of the NYT’s readers) account of the brutal rape and subsequent death of a 14-year-old girl in Islamist Bangladesh (she only survived the first 70 lashes of a 100 lash adultery sentence ordered by a local court after an imam issued a fatwah calling for her punishment). 

Let’s hope that the public reaction and punishments are so strong that the word goes out to all of Bangladesh’s villages that such misogynist fatwas are not only immoral but also illegal. And that the crime lies not in being raped, but in raping.

One can only praise him for bringing up an issue that too many so-called “feminists”, “human rights activists” and others in the West can only neglect or dismiss after years of drinking the cultural relativist kool-aid. 

Of course, when it comes to the budget battle, he’s still uh, less than satisfying:

While I was appalled at the shut-down threat, I do think that John Boehner proved a savvy negotiator who managed to extract huge concessions from the Democrats. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Democrats get spine transplants, and the Republicans heart transplants.

Still, let’s give the man some credit for the first post.

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