Charlie Sheen, Birther

by Nat Brown

The tiger-blooded warlock announced his belief while performing his one-man show in D.C.:

During Charlie Sheen’s Tuesday performance at Washington, D.C.’s DAR Constitution Hall, the actor-turned-sideshow confessed that he’s one of those who are unconvinced of President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Sheen cited a Huffington Post presidential poll that, he said, “had me annihilating that lunatic from Alaska,” said Sheen, referring to former Gov. Sarah Palin.

Other polls, said Sheen, “had me beating our president.”

“Is that the craziest f— idea ever?” Sheen asked the friendly crowd, who cheered in support of a potential presidential bid by the longtime (and recently deposed) star of “Two and a Half Men.”

“For starters, I was f—king born here, how about that? And I got proof! Nothing photoshopped about my birth certificate.”

“I know I promised this wouldn’t be political, but look where we f— are, man!”

Full (winning!) story at Politico.

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