The Top Five French Elite Reactions to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Arrest

by Nat Brown

1. “[Images of DSK's arrest] showed a brutality, a violence, of an incredible cruelty, and I’m glad we don’t have the same judiciary system [in France].” — Elisabeth Guigou, former Justice Minister.

2. “Imagine that we discover that it’s a maid who has only been a maid for two days. …The investigation will tell whether it’s true or not true.”– Bernard Tapie, French businessman and former owner of Adidas.

3. “We cannot rule out the thought of a trap.” — Henri de Raincourt, Sarkozy Government Minister for Overseas Cooperation.

4. “That he could be taken in like that seems astounding, so he must have been trapped.” — Christine Boutin, head of the Christian Democratic Party.

5. “This morning, I hold it against the American judge who, by delivering him to the crowd of photo hounds, pretended to take him for a subject of justice like any other. I am troubled by a system of justice modestly termed “accusatory,” meaning that anyone can come along and accuse another fellow of any crime—and it will be up to the accused to prove that the accusation is false and without basis in fact.” — Bernard Henri-Levy, philosopher.

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