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Media Matters Throws ‘Bye Bye Beck’ Party


You can’t make this stuff up. Paul Begala, David Brock, and Madonna music? Quite a mental image:

Inside Media Matters warehouse office space Monday night, Democratic pundit Paul Begala was among the throng of guests whooping and hollering the farewell of Fox News’ Glenn Beck. Begala is not timid — at one point he donned dark horn-rimmed Beck glasses and did his best dramatic impression of the host on a wild rant. “I am a rodeo clown,” he began. Media Matters founder David Brock also showed up. Less of a comedian, he spoke of the serious dangers Beck posed and ultimately, after a small degree of reluctance, later agreed to a few private media interviews on the fall of their nemesis.

“This is probably the largest crowd we’ve ever had at Media Matters,” said Brock, scanning the room of mostly twentysomethings with beer. Of his employees who helped topple Beck, he told the crowd, “They are tireless, tenacious and so so so so so smart. … Because of it, Glenn Beck is going to have a little more free time next week. The absence of Beck is not only a victory for us here, but a victory for civil discourse in our country.”

The room exploded into cheers and APPLAUSE!

This was their “Bye Bye Beck” blowout bash. The place was packed. Madonna blared. One thing was clear: Brock and the employees of Media Matters feel personally responsible for Beck’s demise. They couldn’t be more proud.

Begala publicly thanked Brock for having “the spine” to put Beck watch into place. Later he remarked on the strangeness of Beck’s “delusional” and “paranoid” conspiracy theories while admitting there is a real entertainment factor to Beck. “Sometimes it was riveting television,” he said. Lefty radio host Bill Press was also there to celebrate. He, too, feels invested in Beck’s fall and didn’t hide his gloating. “I have two words for Glenn Beck: Conan O’Brien.”

Full story at Fishbowl DC.


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