Nancy Grace Is Not Happy with the Casey Anthony Verdict

by Greg Pollowitz

Here she is from Good Morning America today:

Grace: Well apparently there was no assassination because Tot Mom is going walk out of jail probably tomorrow and she’s probably going to get a million dollar book deal and maybe a quarter a million dollars for “licensing fees” for photos and she’s going to be living on easy street living the sweet life that she’s got tattooed on her back so I hardly think anyone was assassinated here except for Caylee.

Stephanopoulos: So no second thoughts about any of your coverage?

Grace: George, I told the truth. Am I taking the heat for it? Yep. Is that going to make me stop looking for missing children and trying to solve unsolved homicides? No. I’m not going to let some kooky jury stop justice. Not for me anyway…

Stephanopoulos: Kooky jury?

Grace: Yep. George, I know you’re pretty high brow and all that but this was a bad verdict and this is the way our justice system works, we have to believe in it… I know, I was there in the court room as a crime victim when my fiancee was murdered.

I’m not so sure I’d call the jury “kooky.” I haven’t been a big follower of the case, but when the medical examiner can’t prove the cause of death I’m not sure why jurors should buy the circumstantial case brought by prosecutors. The community was calling for the death penalty and that’s what the prosecutor was trying to deliver — and failed.

We’ll know more over the coming days as the jurors speak, but here’s one of the alternates who didn’t participate in the actual deliberations weighing in:

“They didn’t show us how Caylee died, and that was important,” Russell Hueckler, an alternate juror, said of the prosecution. “No one could answer that.”

After the trial, in which Anthony’s defense team alleged that her father, George Anthony, attempted to cover up Caylee’s death, Hueckler called the Anthony family “dysfunctional,” “48 Hours Mystery” correspondent Troy Roberts reports.

“The family knows a lot more than what came out at the trial,” Hueckler said.

That is a reasonable position to take, no?

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